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Ten Simple Tips to Stay Fit and still enjoy eating Bread

Ola Rokita15 February 2020Comments (0)

Ten Simple Tips to Stay Fit

Many people often ask me how can you eat bread and still stay fit. My answer is simple, it’s the ingredients and quantity. I know lots of people who have tried different diets, and after a few months either went back to their old habits or gave up because the diet was too strict to follow.

There’s many different diets out there, and it can be overwhelming to pick one that’s right just for you and your lifestyle. Some have a strict list of foods you can eat, while others make you count every calorie or point you eat. Overtime I found both approaches challenging to stick with.

In the longterm the best diets are the ones that work for you and your lifestyle and are simple to follow

Personally, I can’t live without bread, so a low carb diet would not work for me. Instead of removing bread out of my diet, I make sure that the bread I do eat is nutritious and made right.

Basically, I avoid eating foods made out of enriched flour and use flour from Poland to bake my own bread, pastries, or pasta at home. I also stick to recipes that are simple to make so I don’t need a culinary degree to bake from scratch.

Baking bread doesn’t have to be complicated

Some of the most delicious breads are made out of three simple ingredients: water, flour, and starter. I encourage others to bake breads at home because it’s not only healthier, but also very gratifying.

Incorporating bread baking into your life can make a bigger impact then you think. In addition, few good habits can help you keep your weight under control.

Ten Simple Tips to Stay Fit

Here’s a list of ten points I personally follow to help me stay fit and feeling good about my weight, despite eating bread.

  1. Eat breakfast. But, avoid eating too much sugar for your first meal of the day. My favorite is oatmeal, but some eggs with toasted challah is wonderful too. Essentially, I start my day with the biggest meal, then a medium one for lunch, and end my day with a small plate.
  2. Move. Stay active so if you indulge in some extra bread, you help your body metabolize the carbs faster.
  3. Eat an apple or fruit before a meal. This helps you feel a little fuller so you eat smaller portions.
  4. Add a salad to your lunch. It keeps you less sleepy during the day and can deliver lots of good nutrients and vitamins. Avoid heavy salad dressings or ones with many artificial ingredients. Some salad dressings can pile on loads of useless calories. Keep the dressing simple. You’ll be surprised how some olive oil and lemon juice can add great flavor to your salad and reduce the calories.
  5. Dump the soda, and try drinking Kambucha instead. Most sodas are full of processed sugar and just fill you up with empty calories that offer very few nutrients. Kambucha has active enzymes that help your gut, it’s fizzy so it feels like soda, and comes in many flavors.
  6. For dinner, avoid heavy carbs. Stick to veggies. As much as I love bread, I try to avoid eating it past 6:00 pm. In fact I try to eat very light in the evening by sticking to fruit, veggies, and small portion of lean meats, preferably fish.
  7. Choose healthier grains. Instead of rice or potatoes for dinner, try more nutritious sides, like millet grouts, buckwheat, or quinoa.
  8. Avoid eating after 8:00 pm. If you must, eat fruit or an apple late at night.
  9. Brush your teeth after dinner. This changes the flavor in your mouth and you’re less likely to snack late at night.
  10. Drink lots of water, at least 8-10 glasses a day. This helps you feel fuller and helps your body stay healthy.

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