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Hi! I am Ola and I want to share with you my simple baking recipes that can change your life and how you feel.
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Apple Pie

Ola Rokita05 December 2020Comments (0)

This simple apple pie recipe reminds me of the fall season and Thanksgiving. When I came to America and celebrated my first Thanksgiving meal, it’s the apple pie that I was most excited about. My American friend shared this recipe with me, but I made a few small modifications to enhance the flavor. I hope […]

Apple Strudel

Ola Rokita20 October 2020Comments (4)

  This apple strudel recipe is inspired by my German friend who is an awesome baker. I asked him to share his authentic recipe with me after my trip to Munich where I ate one of the best apple strudels ever. Apple Strudel is a classic dessert that’s perfect for the fall season It’s very […]

Pumpkin Pie

Ola Rokita09 October 2020Comment (1)

  This pumpkin pie recipe is inspired by my European baking background and by my recent introduction to American baking. The best pumpkin pie is baked at home I love the taste of pumpkin, but I’m not a fan of a thick crust or filling that’s too sweet. It’s one of the reasons why I […]


Ola Rokita24 September 2020Comments (0)

  This cheesecake is based on my grandmother’s recipe and it’s like eating a cloud. Generally, cheesecakes are not the easiest to bake because they can be temperamental and require delicate handling. However, with some modifications to my grandmother’s recipe, not only is this cheesecake bound to come out right, it’s also super fluffy and […]

Apple Bundt Cake

Ola Rokita09 September 2020Comments (0)

There are endless ways to use apples when baking, and one great way is to make an apple Bundt cake. When I think of September, I think of colorful apples, going apple picking, and then using them in my recipes. September is the apple month     The activity of going to an orchard to […]