Ola Rokita

Hi! I am Ola and I want to share with you my simple baking recipes that can change your life and how you feel.
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Food for Others

I’m excited to share that Ola’s Bakery will be participating at the Art, Flowers, and Flavors Festival during the Memorial Day Weekend in Chantilly, Virginia. For those in the area, I hope you can come out and enjoy some of my baked goodies in a magical setting. A Rare Opportunity to Stimulate your Senses What’s […]

  Ola’s Bakery has joined with other local bakers to raise funds towards humanitarian relief in Ukraine. The bake sale that started today, raised $1,600 and sold out in seven minutes. As we watch the events in Eastern Europe, we hope that each effort made, no matter how big or small, can make a positive […]

Hello Fellow Bakers! I invite you to discover “Better Together for the Thanksgiving Meal”. This is a short story written and illustrated by my 9-year old daughter. Elizabeth wrote her story hoping to share an important lesson about accepting and celebrating our differences.     As many nations are enduring conflict because of injustice and […]