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Hi! I am Ola and I want to share with you my simple baking recipes that can change your life and how you feel.
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Banana & Walnut Bread

Ola Rokita12 March 2023Comments (0)

  The crunchy texture combined with the rich flavor of this banana and walnut bread recipe will make your mouth dance. Easy to find ingredients Frequently I have ripe bananas lying around that no one wants to eat. I don’t like throwing them out so I put them to good use. My favorite way to […]

Poppyseed Roll

Ola Rokita01 December 2022Comments (2)

  Poppyseed roll, known as “Makowiec” in Poland, is a traditional holiday dessert. It’s one of the most popular yeast cakes in Poland. Benefits of poppy seeds I typically bake this delicious recipe during the fall and winter months. Many Polish people believe that the more poppy seeds you eat, the wealthier and luckier you […]

Apple Galette

Ola Rokita14 November 2021Comments (0)

  Apple Galette is a simple rustic pie baked without a form. When I’m in a rush and want to make a quick and delicious apple pie, Galette is my answer. Just throw a few simple ingredients into a bowl, combine them with your hands, add a few apples, and you’ve got a wonderful apple […]

Pistachio and Coconut Babka

Ola Rokita18 April 2021Comments (0)

Oy Babka! The ultimate in flavor and texture is pistachio and coconut Babka. The crunchy, moist, and velvety texture, paired with bursting nutty flavor makes this yeast cake a celebration in your mouth. Treat yourself to a homemade Babka When it comes to yeast cakes, nothing beats a Babka. I also like this dessert because […]

Lazy Dumplings

Ola Rokita23 March 2021Comments (5)

Lazy dumplings, or “leniwe” as they are called in Poland, are extremely easy to make.  The word “leniwe” translates to lazy because these dumplings require very little effort to prepare. Leniwe or Lazy Dumplings are the ultimate Polish comfort food These plump diamond shaped dumplings bring back memories of my childhood. When I was a […]