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Hi! I am Ola and I want to share with you my simple baking recipes that can change your life and how you feel.
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February 2019

Millet Grouts – Super Food

Ola Rokita25 February 2019Comments (0)

I am a huge fan of Millet Grouts. Millet Grouts along with Buckwheat, Barley, and Cream of Wheat are an essential part of Polish diet. Most Polish people like to refer to these grains as “kasza” or “kasha”. The reason I love kasha in general is because of the amazing health benefits it offers. Yet, […]

Banana Bread

Ola Rokita16 February 2019Comment (1)

Don’t throw away your very ripe bananas! Use them instead to make a delicious and nutritious Banana Bread.

Belgian Waffles

Ola Rokita05 February 2019Comments (2)

Belgian Waffles or, as I grew up knowing them, “Gofry”, are my favorite breakfast treat. Summers would not be summers without waffles. As a kid growing up in Poland, waffles were sold everywhere during the summer. They were sold on the beeches, in the town squares, near parks, or even by the road side. Kind […]