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Hi! I am Ola and I want to share with you my simple baking recipes that can change your life and how you feel.
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Cinnamon & Almond Rolls

Ola Rokita08 November 2018Comments (5)

Cinnamon rolls and fall go perfectly together. Add the fact that my daughter loves cinnamon. Hence, her recent request to make cinnamon rolls. I was certainly inspired, especially since I knew this is going to be a popular snack with my kids. As a kid back in Poland I used to love eating noodles in […]

Eating healthy in the United States has been a challenge for me. Coming from Europe, where I was exposed to delicious, simple, and homemade food, helped me realize quickly that unhealthy food dominates the shelves at the many major grocery stores in the U.S. I also realized that many people in the U.S. want, and […]

Racuchy are Polish pancakes, but better. The main difference is that they are made with yeast rather than baking powder and therefore are lighter, airer, and healthier. Use yeast rather than baking powder when making Racuchy, the Polish pancakes Personally, I discovered that whenever I eat baking powder I get acid reflux. Also, most commercial […]

Dinner Rolls

Ola Rokita12 August 2018Comments (0)

When I need to make bread fast and don’t want to spend too much time fussing around in the kitchen, I bake these simple dinner rolls. When they are fresh from the oven, they go perfect with butter or goat cheese. I also enjoy cutting up a few slices of fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, and […]

First reason: hard versus soft wheat I love polish flour… More than half of U.S. flour is made from the hard red variety. In Poland on the other hand, majority of wheat is the soft type. The main difference between the two types is gluten. The hard red type of wheat popular in the U.S. […]